UPS Inverters


Intelligent Line Interactive Sinewave – Long backup 700 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000VA

The LT Series UPS is an advanced true sinewave lineinteractive UPS system which is designed to prevent any spike, sags and blackout from reaching your sensitive equipment; ranging from computers and telecommunications systems to computerised instruments.

The LT Range has a more powerful battery charger and is therefore suitable for larger battery banks, providing longer back-up times.

Under normal power conditions the UPS filters out all small fluctuations. During power failure, the unit employs its internal maintenance-free batteries to supply back-up,power without any interruption. The UPS is equipped with many features, which make both your equipment and UPS more reliable.

  • Line-interactive Charger and Bi-directional Inverter – the highest performance for protection from frequent brown outs;
  • Microprocessor Based Design – digital UPS control and automatic 50/60Hz frequency select;
  • Pure Sine Waveform Output – the cleanest, most compatible AC output for computer systems;
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) – provides stable power and true brownout and over voltage correction;
  • Intelligent Boost and Buck – additional protection for an extended AC voltage window;
  • Battery Diagnosis – self testing for limiting operation, assuring quality and longer life ofbattery;
  • RS232 Communication – Compatible for sophisticated monitoring software.